Banks increase Investment lending rates

Do you own an investment property? You may be in for a shock next time you check your interest rate. In recent months Australian Banks have clamped down on their investment lending as pressure is mounted by Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). This has been driven in part by threat of a bubble emerging in the booming Sydney housing market. Sydney’s median house price reached a staggering $1,000,616 in June, driven up in part by Chinese investors. To limit their exposure, the major banks have reacted by implementing significant policy changes. We have witnessed substantial decreases in the major banks ability to lend high percentages of properties’ values. In a massive cash grab

Have you considered commercial property?

High yields, long term leases and minimal outgoings can make commercial property a great investment. The banks want your business and there is downward pressure on commercial rates. Contact me today for more information. StartFragment EndFragment

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