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Residential Lending
We can help you.


We can give you the peace of mind to shop with confidence by arranging a pre-approval with your lender of choice. 

Be informed

We have access to over 30 different lenders and 1000's of loan products. Our ability to secure discounts and inform our clients is invaluable.

Save $'s

We don't charge service fees. It is our job to know the products inside out and negotiate rate and fee reductions on your behalf. 


Ongoing Support

Once you loan settles, we will always be here for support. We review your facility annually and handle any new purchases or changes that you request.

some of our recent success stories

A young married couple with two children were seeking assistance with consolidating their personal loans and credit cards which had grown to an unsustainable level.

We were able to consolidate their debts into the one facility with a massive interest rate saving off their existing home loan of 1.39%. This refinance and consolidation was able to save them in excess of $900/month and gave them the capacity to pay their home off many years earlier.2

A client signed an unconditional purchase contract on a home, not understanding the deposit requirements of the major banks. They barely had enough funds for government fees and a small deposit. They had no funds for lenders mortgage insurance.

We have lending options available from just a 3% deposit with no lenders mortgage insurance. We were able to place these customers into a suitable product and set in place a plan for future refinance into a lower interest rate product.3  

A middle aged couple apprached us having just found out that one of them had been made redundant. Their mortgage payments were taking up too much of their disposable income and they were seeking a cheaper alternative.

By negotiating a reduction of their interest rate from 5.54% to 4.19% we were able to give our customers some much needed breathing space. They can now live a much more normal lifestyle until they are both able to resume full time employment.  

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